Commercial and Residential As-Built

3D virtual tours can take your business to a new dimension. Using 3D scanning, we provide precise, detailed As Built drawings.

Commercial As Built Survey

At AU Design US, we have many years of experience with Commercial properties and the ability to provide precise As-Built drawings for single or multi-site projects.

Site and floor plans are drawn on-site to scale using cutting-edge laser measuring to ensure maximum accuracy and consistency.

Whether you are looking to remodel a single office space, or move forward with a more complex project with multiple commercial sites, we can provide everything you need for Commercial As-Built Plans and construction documents.

Residential As Built Drawings

We produce detailed As-Built plans from existing floor plans that show walls, doors, windows, built-in cabinets, stairs, plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets and more.

Our As-Built drawings from existing exterior elevations also show facades, doors, windows, downspouts, vents, roof height and unreachable objects on the elevations.

AS-Built Site Plan

As-Built Measurement

Multi Family Apartment Design

As-Built home plans

3D Scanning Floor Plan

3D Laser Section

Building Laser Scanning

We were impressed with the accuracy and the quick turnaround on our project. And compared to the other companies we called, their price was very reasonable.
Jim Hines


The Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner

To create accurate, detailed drawings for existing structures, we use the newest integrated thermal camera technology to generate full-color panoramic images overlaid with a precision point cloud.

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As Built Survey Floor Plan and Site Plans


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Custom house Floor Plans


ADU Floor Plans


Commercial and Residential Building Drafting


Structural Engineering Design*


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