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Professional Drafting & Design Services

Having 20+ years of experience with Commercial Design, Cities CODES, Residential construction documents and Multi Family House Floor Plans Design, Our teams are able to provide the highest quality and most accurate architectural construction drawings for your project needs. 

We will complete your project on Schedule, on Budget and on Time.

Architectural Drafting Design

You can count on our experienced team of designers to deliver exceptional work at a competitive price to Los Angeles and Southern California. Our design work includes residential & commercial drawings, layouts and floor plans.

As Built Floor Plans

We use the Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner to record precise measurements with unmatched speed, for any existing residential or commercial structures.

Remodeling Plans & Room Additions

Add-On’s, renovations and additions or remodeling to existing commercial and residential structures.

Custom Home plans

We provide residential and commercial drawings including Architectural construction documentation for new structures.

ADU Garage Conversion & Remodel Convert to Living Space

Converting your EXISTING ATTACHED or  DETACHED GARAGE INTO A to living space ADU (“Granny Flat”) can be the easiest and most cost-effective way to create an additional dwelling unit on your property. 

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Our company has an extensive background in drafting & design, and have worked on a wide range of projects in Los Angeles and Southern California. produce expert, fast and accurate layouts and diagrams.

Renderings and Representation

We produce detailed project presentation renderings.

City Permits

From start to finish, we provide everything needed to get a permit from your city. We make the process easier and fast! We address Corrections & write response letters as required by the city. Our services include expediting Change of Use permitting and expert Change of Use consulting.

As Built Survey Site Plans

We use thermal camera technology to create precise, detailed commercial and residential as-built site surveys plan.
Our Site Plan surveys including sidewalks, flower bed curbs, building lines, open patios, fence lines, walkways, sheds, decks, and more. We deliver high-volume As-Built plans through a variety of platforms, including Point Cloud, AutoCAD, REVIT, still pictures and 360-degree photography.


As Built Survey Floor Plan and Site Plans


Parking Analysis


Occupancy Calculations


Custom house Floor Plans


ADU Floor Plans


Commercial and Residential Building Drafting


Structural Engineering Design*


Mechanical Plans*


Electrical Plans*


Plumbing Plans designed by an Engineer*

* Required engineer reports/plans/permits provided by independent engineer consultants.

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