3D Animation (visualization)

3D Animation is used to view an entire project from every angle in a short time, to demonstrate function, to show seasonal changes, or to explain complex processes. Animation is useful for city hearings and court cases, or to get investors excited about a large project.

Lyons Salt Mine Progressive Closure animation

Created for a court case, this animation uses site surveys, maps, geology reports, and simulation to describe an event 900 feet below ground in a salt mine. Maps and graphics describe the location of the salt mine, 3D models show the position of underground layers, ground water, and the salt mine. As the camera moves underground, it takes viewers on a tour of the salt mine, explaining the technical details that led to the progressive closure. Simulation shows the closure. The camera returns to the surface to show how events in the salt mine affected the ground.


Motion graphics label the layers of sub-surface material.

ground water

Animated arrows show the flow of underground water.


Graphics label the mine sections by phase and pillar size.


Heads-up Display shows the location of the camera in the mine.


Captions point out areas, features, and pillar measurements.


Large Pillars maintain the underground structure.


Simulation-based animation shows the closure event.


Animated arrows show new ground water flow in exaggerated vertical scale.